“The Magnificent Decade” through the lens of Benito Roman

The exhibition of photographs by the famous photojournalist Benito Roman “The Magnificent Decade – The Constitution in Practice” opened in the gallery of the Cervantes Institute in Belgrade.

The exhibition depicts the famous photographer’s work from 1975 and 1985. The establishment of democracy in Spain awakened in many Spanish photographers the desire to immortalize the moment in which the newly found freedom suppressed former anxieties and removed formality from journalistic photography and submission to socio-political authority.

Documentary works, marginalized during Franco’s dictatorship, which showed a different image of Spain than the official one suddenly came to life again. Benito Roman was one of the photographers who captured that period. With his camera, he recorded the social reality in Spain, which faced major changes in the system due to new political circumstances. Roman accentuates the everyday life of ordinary people and the constant contrast between the ordinary people, on the one hand, and political leaders, state officials, clergy and businessmen, on the other.

“The portrait of that decade showcases a journey through Madrid, a city that reflects the whole of Spain. The exhibition shows shantytowns and skyscrapers, trade unionists and employers, libertarians and conservatives, believers and nonbelievers, intellectuals, heroes and peasants, artisans and artists who in our light of a bygone era seem fragile, chaste, lovely and emotional”, says the curator of the exhibition, Spanish photographer Chema Conesa.

Belgrade is the first city after Madrid that hosts the exhibition.

(Politika, 02.12.2022)


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