The Magnificent 7 Film Festival starts on 8th June

The 14th edition of the documentary film festival, the Magnificent 7, will be officially opened on 8th June, at Kombank Arena (former Dom Sindikata) – the festival directors Svetlana and Zoran Popovic have announced.

After hosting the festival at the Sava Centre for 13 years, the organizers were notified in January that the Sava Centre had to discontinue the cooperation with the Festival since it would start to operate solely on a commercial basis which meant that the Sava Centre could no longer act as the festival’s co-organizer. The festival organizers said the following in a press release: “The Festival was thus given the status of any other commercial client overnight – along with the offer to use Sava Centre upon paying a very high rental price. The Director General of the Sava Centre denied any form of communication or dialogue; he ignored our pleas and any communication”.

So, the decision was made to hold the Festival at another venue – the Kombank Arena – which is a top-notch facility that has the state-of-the-art cinema.

Over the last, very successful 13 years, Magnificent 7 has showcased more than 80 best contemporary European documentary films. The festival’s main mission is to add a dose of glamour to documentary films which is typically reserved for feature films.

Last year, the Festival screened gritty and poignant documentaries like “Lampedusa in Winter”, directed by Jakob Brossman, and “Don Juan”, directed by Jerzy Śladkowski. The latter film was the winner of Europe’s biggest documentary film festival, IDFA in 2016.

The Festival does not only screen documentary films, but it also serves as a framework for a series of meetings, workshops and master classes for students and young filmmakers with the goal of establishing good communication with different kinds of audience.

(Blic, 24.04.2018)



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