The Magnificent 7 Festival at MTS Dvorana

The Magnificent 7 Festival of European documentary feature films will take place at Belgrade’s MTS Dvorana from the 11th to the 17th September.

This year, the Festival will feature many Scandinavian filmmakers including Carl Olsson with his film “Vintersaga”.

In Mr Graversen the son Michael returns to his childhood home and reaches to – with warmth, love and understanding – help his parents to return to the life they once had.

The same theme comes up in Housewitz, where Dutch Oeke Hoogendijk does what she can to make her old mother, a holocaust survivor, live a decent life, in a film full of light and dark tones. And Love.

For all of you food connoisseurs, make sure you see the film “She Chef” by Melanie Liebheit and Gereon Wetzel. The main character, Chef Agnes chooses a simple life over the glitz and glamour of cooking for the wealthy and moves to the Faroe Islands to work in a small restaurant.

Climate and the way we mistreat nature is the theme of the most surprising film of the 2023 edition – “A Year in the Field” by British Christopher Morris, who in an interview in the Guardian said “I’ve never strapped myself to a tree, never even been on a protest march. That’s not in my nature, that’s not me. But standing quietly in a field, a sort of one-man direct action seemed kind of appealing to me.”

The tickets cost 500 dinars per screening. For more information about the film programme please go to .

(City Magazine, 07.09.2023)

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