The list of big companies that don’t regularly pay for electricity

According to the latest data from December 10 last year, the total debt of the 20 companies that owe the most on the account of unpaid electricity bills, which are mainly state-owned, is 19.8 billion dinars, or just over 166 million euro, Blic Biznis has learned.

This is slightly lower than at the beginning of 2020, when the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) said that these companies owed 20.01 billion dinars in total, which indicates that the EPS still supplies those companies with electricity although they are not paying for it – a practice which both the IMF and the World Bank asked to be abolished.

The names of the companies which owe huge amounts of money for the used electricity has been the same for years, only their places on the list change. The first and second places are firmly occupied by Smederevo Ironworks, with a debt of 4.66 billion dinars, public enterprise Resavica, with 3.05 billion, respectively. Next on the list is Energetika from Kragujevac with 1.87 billion, SFS AD Paraćin (in bankruptcy) with 979,675,870 dinars, public utility company Toplana Bor, GSP Belgrade, public utility company Infostan Tehnologije and many others whose debt is less than one billion dinars.

In addition, consistency in practice was maintained, according to which most of the “top” debtors increased their unpaid electricity bills, while only five decreased it in the previous year.

On the other hand, the most responsible company in paying its electricity bill was China’s Zijin, which in 2020, paid almost 1.7 billion dinars to EPS account and reduced its debt to 493,935,684 dinars, so the company dropped from the 4th place to the 14th.

Despite being one of the biggest debtors, Infostan Tehnologije has also managed to significantly reduce its unpaid electricity debt by 209,561,323 dinars, so it fell from the fourth to the seventh position, while the remaining three debtors managed to make token payments.

The municipal administration of Kragujevac remains the only indebted local government, although a new name has appeared on the list too – a state company engaged in railway infrastructure works.

(Blic, 11.01.2021)

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