The largest feed company in the Western Balkans to arrive in Sid

The Municipality of Šid has signed an agreement for alienation of publicly owned building land to be given to the Hungarian company UBM FEED, the largest animal feed company in the Western Balkans.

Mayor of Šid, Zoran Semenović, is very satisfied with the new investment, and the new factory will be located in the industrial zone of Adaševci.

He said that this is the second greenfield investment in the municipality of Šid in the past year, that the value of the investment is 20 million euro, that the plant will become operational by 2022 at the latest and will employ more than 50 workers in the first phase and 110 at a later date.

“UBM FEED is the largest producer of animal feed in the Western Balkans. The company also produces pet food. It has purchased 20 hectares of land in the industrial zone of Adaševci located near the motorway,” says Semenović.

“The company plans to spend 20 million euro on building a production plant. In the first phase, the factory will employ 50 people, and when all the work is completed, over 110 workers. This year, the company plans to prepare the land for construction and then build the factory, silos, auxiliary buildings and all the required infrastructure works so it can become operational next year,” Semenović adds.

Another foreign investor, the Austrian company Thermowool, which also operates in the Adaševci industrial zone, will soon start the experimental production of thermal insulation materials here.

“We also have a letter of intent from several other companies, with which we hope to complete the paperwork for the purchase of land in the next six months so they can come here too,” Semenović concludes.

(B92, 03.03.2021)






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