The international community is not happy with the political situation in Serbia

The president of the European Movement in Serbia (Evropski pokret), Jelica Minić, said that the international community cannot be happy with the election results from June 21 in Serbia and the constitution of the new parliament yesterday in Belgrade.

However, no-one can challenge the will of the people, “although the new parliament, with this composition, will be very susceptible to manipulation”, she adds.

The new National Parliament was convened yesterday, which, in addition to representatives of national minorities, has MPs from only three electoral lists led by Aleksandar Vučić, Ivica Dačić and Aleksandar Šapić.

“Of course, these are the people who we voted or refused to vote for. But the question is whether the election campaign and the election itself were democratic, what the electoral conditions were and how many citizens elected this government. Another issue is whether the Parliament really represents the will of the majority of Serbian citizens,” said Minić.

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According to her, it will be interesting to see what the destiny of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) will be – whether it will be part of the government or will be “pushed to voluntarily or involuntarily represent some kind of opposition”.

Minić underlines that this is an unhappy moment for all state bodies because “we have an enormous concentration of power in just one party and its president and issues of national importance must be resolved”.

“We have neither a judicial nor a legislative and executive division of power because all power is concentrated in the hands of one party and the president of that party, who is also the President of the Republic. A broad social consensus is necessary for important moves. The big question is whether the Parliament, as it is now, will be able to contribute to that consensus or contribute to even deeper divisions in Serbian society,” Minić warns.

The president of the European Movement recalled that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) belongs to the European People’s Party, which assembles 70 parties from 40 countries, and is the strongest group in the European Parliament.

“The SNS has had the support of the strongest group in the European Parliament and this factor should be taken into account, regardless of whether this support is collapsing due to everything that has happened in Serbia in connection with the elections, the rule of law, the issue of human rights, media freedoms and protests,” she concluded.

(, 03.08.2020)

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