The government has made Bishop Grigorije an enemy of the state

The media lynching of the Serbian Orthodox bishop of Dusseldorf and all of Germany, Grigorije Durić, is becoming more dangerous by the day. The hunt, conducted by the regime’s media, was followed by a video in which he is presented as a “bishop who buried a living patriarch”, followed by a direct invitation to his murder.

However, the smear campaign did not provoke any reaction from the ecclesiastical authorities, nor from the state structures, which brings us to think that it seems that we will be able to grasp the seriousness of the media lynch to which he has been exposed, only if the Bishop is in physical danger.

The situation is quite serious which has been confirmed by the fact that in all pro-government media, not a day goes by without “new information” is discovered about Grigorije, whom government representatives claim will be the opposition candidate for the presidency.

However, before the presidential race takes place, there is the election of a new patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, one the most important social issues, and keeping in mind the fact that Bishop Grigorije has a very strong influence among the bishops, the regime has decided to do everything possible to reduce the chances that a man opposed to the government would be elected the new patriarch.

That is why the confrontation with Grigorije, who has repeatedly said what he thinks about the “golden age of Serbia”, is becoming more and more acute and dangerous. Although the reason for this is his interview given almost a month ago, the fact remains that Grigorije is a threat the regime’s plans on two fronts which is more than enough reason to present this priest from Herzegovina as Serbia’s greatest enemy and a man who “divides the believers”.

The matrix is always the same – the opponent is first dragged through the mud by the media, with the media, which broadcast on national frequencies, usually discovering “unknown facts”, i.e. false information, about him and his life.

If this is not enough, they move on to the recording of videos in which “brave”, albeit unknown reporters, question the human characteristics of the victim of persecution, which is also an open invitation to lynch. Those who do not understand this, just think back of how Oliver Ivanović died.

This is why the message sent by the supporters of the regime in power these days is much more dangerous than the usual media smear campaigns. Not because the victim, in this case, is a man of the cloth, but because the inspirers of such a campaign are people who, instead of guaranteeing security and freedom to every person, have turned Serbia into a country in which violence is a legitimate way to fight and target opponents, and death threats are a justified means to protect “national” and party interests.

Since the fabricated stories about escapism, love affairs, criminal acquaintances were beginning to be counterproductive, the instigators of the smear campaign against the bishop decided to take advantage of the fact that he does not share the vision of “progressive” Serbia and the Church and thus mark him as a traitor, while creating the impression that it would be a patriotic act to remove such a person.

Author: Vojislav Milovančević

(, 04.02.2021)


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