The government accepts the proposal to abolish the state of emergency

At yesterday’s session, the Serbian Government agreed to the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister submitting to the National Parliament a joint proposal, at the initiative of the Ministry of Defence, for the abolition of the state of emergency, with a corresponding elaboration in accordance with the Defence Law.

The proposal states that the activities of the competent health organisations and state bodies in Serbia have established active epidemiological surveillance of the COVID-19 disease.

And following the implementation of preventive measures, there has been a slowdown in the epidemic and a decrease in the intensity of virus activity.

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Taking into account all the current parameters, the proposal submitted to the National Parliament, therefore, states that COVID-19 can no longer be considered a disease that represents a risk to the highest degree, i.e. a public danger that casts doubt on the survival of the State and its citizens.

The Serbian parliament will discuss the government’s proposal in a special session, the government said in the statement.

(RTV, 04.05.2020)


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