The gaming festival in Novi Sad from 21 to 23 October

The Vibe Factory gaming festival will be held from Friday, 21st October, to Sunday, 23rd October, at the Novi Sad Fair. 

The festival will bring together fans of gaming, YouTube, video games, game design and everything else that makes up the modern gaming scene.

During the three days of the festival, visitors will learn about the novelties on the gaming scene and the opportunities offered by this branch, which currently pays out the highest salaries in the IT sector.

“Virtual tours, gaming competitions, app promotions and digital potential will bring this new world closer to the Fair’s visitors. At numerous round table discussions, we are going to talk about opportunities for connecting this sector with the educational system and state institutions, as well as responsible and controlled access to video games, “said festival director Olga Ješić.

According to her, the festival is based on social responsibility and responsible use of the gaming industry’s products and the importance of being balanced and setting clear boundaries between video games as entertainment and a useful need for the development of young people.

Ješić also says that festival visitors will be able to participate in gaming tournaments, compete like professionals in playing the six most popular games in the world today, record videos and participate in challenges with YouTubers, dress up as their favourite heroes, participate in robotics workshops and win valuable prizes.

(Danas, 18.10.2022)



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