The first Serbian supercluster has been formed

The jury, which consisted of international experts in technological development and innovation, chose the consortium Odličan 3 as the first Serbian supercluster.

Consortia in four technological domains competed – high technology in agriculture and food industry, gaming environment and virtual reality, advanced solutions in medical technology and biotechnology and Web 3 and blockchain technology – and the winning team comes from the latter category.

The decision to choose Odličan 3 was made after detailed presentations and with consideration of all important criteria for the long-term sustainability of the supercluster.

“This cluster is something that has a real effect on the community and visibly moves things in the right direction,” says Nemanja Petrović, COO of Moonstruck.

He explains that the Odličan 3 supercluster network ecosystem is based on the idea of joint growth, knowledge exchange and joint performance on the global market.

“It creates a synergistic force that allows individuals to accelerate research and development. It helps teams to have better people at their disposal, develop products and services and implement innovations. The cluster also helps in identifying adequate partners and is a channel for effective communication and connecting different organizations,” Petrović adds.

When it comes to the prerequisites for someone to be a member of a supercluster, he says that “for now, it is enough to show interest in the said topics and participation in the activities organized by the Odličan 3 supercluster team”.

“The cluster is the ideal place also for the people who are not from the industry but are interested in following the technological trends and development. Industry representatives are also welcome to join, because we, as a small country with great potential and brilliant individuals, can do much more if we have a common and organized presence on the global market. The idea is to work out the best model of cooperation in the coming period, which will be the most suitable for all interested parties,” Petrović explains and adds:

“We will continue looking for new people and teams who are doing interesting things and who are driving forces, and help them build skills through customized programmes to become even better and more successful in what they do. We will expand the programme to include women entrepreneurs (Girl Pow3r) and work with other underrepresented groups. We will further pursue our goals to decentralize knowledge and make it free and accessible. We also want to help local initiatives to grow”, Petrović concludes.

(eKapija, 13.08.2023)

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