The first phase in construction of the Science & Technology Park in Novi Sad completed

The first phase in the construction of the Science-Technology Park in Novi Sad has been completed. This is a joint project of the Government of Serbia and the Vojvodinian Government, worth EUR 26 million.

The facility, spanning a total of 30,000 square metres, will be used by the Faculty of Technical Sciences, startup companies and science institutes founded by the Vojvodinian Government.

The finishing works on the first 10,000-square-metre segment, which is intended to be used by 3,000 students and 400 professors and assistant professors of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in late January, are in progress, the official website of the Vojvodinian Government says.

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The remaining 20,000 square metres will be rented to startups and IT companies in 2020.

“The Science-Technology Park, a smart, green building, is a remarkable facility in the architectural and the technical-technological sense and an important starting point for future development. It is important for multiple reasons, primarily for establishing the link between science and business, as well as for the development of IT and startup projects,” the Vojvodinian Government added.

(RTV, 17.12.2019)



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