The first ever Italian Cuisine Week to take place in Belgrade

At a press conference on 26th October, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Paolo Gentiloni announced the Italian Cuisine Week in Belgrade, which will be held from 21st to 27th November. Serbia is the first country in the world to host the event that will subsequently take place in over one hundred countries.

Close to 1,300 events promoting the Italian cuisine will take place – seminars on food sustainability and certification, meetings with chefs, presentations of cookbooks, tastings and dinners, trade promotion events, cooking classes, sports nutrition conferences, furniture shows, design exhibitions, tourism promotions, and communication activities with particular emphasis on social media. Many of these events will also feature films and documentaries related to food, conferences on the history of cooking, concerts, language courses, and specialized exhibitions.

The initiative aims to further develop the topics that have already been successfully covered at the 2015 Expo Milan and embedded in the Milan Charter, namely quality, sustainability, culture, food safety, right to food, education, identity, community, and biodiversity. The project, which goal is also to promote local food culture as an essential component of the Italian culture and identity, as well as the distinctive Italian brand, is part of the action plan to support the agri-food sector and the Italian cuisine. The plan, also called the Food Act, was presented by MIPAAF in July 2015 on behalf of the Italian Government, and it stipulates activities specified in the Memorandum of Understanding covering the foreign promotion the quality Italian cuisine, which was signed by the broadcaster RAI, MIPAAF (Ministry of Agricultural Policies and Forestry) and Ministry of Education on 15th March, 2016.

During the Italian Cuisine Week, the Italian Embassy, the Italian Institute o Culture and the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce will organize a series of events called “The Extraordinary Italian Taste”.

The events will include tastings, special dinners, conferences, and film screenings about the Italian gastronomic culture. The Italian cultural centre “Piazza Italia” based in Subotica and Color Press Group will also carry out promotional activities.

Also, the most prestigious Italian restaurants, that are awarded with the Italian Hospitality certificate by the Chamber of Commerce, with the support from the National Tourism Research Institute, will organize a gastronomic tour through the recipes of the most famous Italian regions while Color Press Group will collaborate with the Italian Embassy in Belgrade on hosting promotional tasting events.

On 22nd November, the Italian Institute of Culture will host a seminar on Italian experiences in promoting organic food that has been quality certified. On 23rd November, Chef Giovanni Arvonio from the Italian region of Campania will be the guest chef at the Homa Restaurant where he will cook both the traditional and contemporary Italian dishes using the ingredients from the town of Irpinia in Campania.

Films “Long live the lady”, “Black pasta” and “A Dinner for Them to Meet” will be screened at the Italian Institute of Culture. For the full programme of events, please visit the website of the Italian Embassy in Belgrade at .

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