The film Mrak will represent Serbia at next year’s Oscars

The selection committee of the Serbian Film Centre (FCS) has decided that the film ‘Mrak’, directed by Dušan Milić, will be Serbia’s nominee in the Oscar race, in the Best International Film category.

“The film ‘Mrak’ follows several days in the life of a family inside an unprotected enclave in Kosovo and Metohija,” the committee said in its explanation, and added – “through tension, atmosphere, skilful cinematic language and horror elements, the film introduces us to a world of fear and uncertainty, in which three generations of a family try to maintain the appearance of a normal life.”

Because of the strong emotions, the universality of the theme and the characters, the committee believes the film will be a success with international audiences and members of the American Academy, reports Tanjug.

The films that were considered for the Serbian representative at the Oscar’s this year were: “Sveta Petka – Krst u pustinji”, directed by Hadži-Aleksandar Đurović, “Leto kada sam naučila da letim” by Radivoj Andrić, “Mrak” by Dušan Milić, “Heroji radničke klase” by Miloš Pušić and “Strahinja Banović” by Stefan Arsenijević.

(Politika, 21.09.2022)


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