The film “Dara from Jasenovac” pits Serbs against Croats

The film platform IMDb has cancelled the voting for the film “Dara from Jasenovac”, directed by Predrag Antonijević, after several days of verbal clashes between Serbs and Croats.

Variety magazine has called the Serbian Oscar-nominated film about the Jasenovac concentration camp, “nationalist propaganda” and “filmed with questionable intentions”, which then provoked very strong reactions by the Serbian opinion and triggered a campaign of solidarity where people in Serbia were asked to rate the film with the highest ratings in response to the people from Croatia, who “deliberately voted down the film on IMDb”.

Although the number of people who rated the film was very high, it became obvious that none of them has actually seen the film, since “Dara from Jasenovac” was screened only for a short time in Gračanica, while the Belgrade premiere is scheduled for April 22 and the distribution in the United States will begin on February 5.

Before the rating option on IMDb was deactivated, the film had an average rating of 9.4/10. It is not known if this option will be reinstated when the film actually starts showing in cinemas.

(Danas, 02.02.2021)


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