The famous ‘Red Violin’ for the first time in Serbia

American violinist Elizabeth Pitcairn will perform in the Great Hall of the Kolarac Endowment on Tuesday, October 18, at 8 p.m.

For the first time in Serbia, the audience will be able to hear the sounds of one of the most famous and most expensive violins in the world, whose life was also featured in the Oscar-winning film “The Red Violin”.

The concert in Belgrade, as well as the aforementioned film, is named after the instrument for which the New York violinist’s grandfather secretly bid in 1990 at the Christie auction house in London. He managed to buy this violin for his talented granddaughter at a price of almost two million dollars.

At the concert in Belgrade, the violinist will be accompanied by Marko Stuparević, a Serbian pianist who lives in New York, and the special guest on the cello will be American artist Kayla Herman.

Pitcairn’s repertoire consists of compositions by Haydn, Beethoven, Clara Schumann, and Gershwin, as well as Amy Beach, one of the most important American composers. Elizabeth Pitcairn will also hold a free masterclass for students of the Stanković High School of Music from Belgrade.

The “red violin” got its name from the recognizable red lacquer, and it was made in 1720 by the renowned violin maker Antonio Stradivari. Nobody knows what happened to the violin over the years, but what we do know is that the family of the German composer Felix Mendelssohn was among its owners in the 20th century.

The violin was also owned by the famous violinist Joseph Joachim, a friend of Brahms and Clara Schumann, to whom this pianist dedicated “Three Romances” – a work that Pitcairn will perform at a concert in Belgrade.

The mysterious destiny of Stradivari’s violin also served as the inspiration for the 1998 film “The Red Violin,” which won an Academy Award for music. The current owner of the violin also appeared in the documentary “The Auction Block”.

(Danas, 06.10.2022)


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