The elderly population increases in Serbia

As of 1 January 2022, Serbia’s population stood at 6,797,105, the State Statistical Office (RZS) said on the occasion of World Population Day.

The population of Serbia, according to data from the RZS, is ageing – the average age in 2001 was 40 years, 10 years later 42.1 years and last year 43.5 years.

As for life expectancy, it increased from 74.8 years in 2001 to 76.8 years in 2011, before dropping to 75.6 last year.

Men’s life expectancy is shorter – it was 69.6 years in 2001, 71.6 years in 2011 and 70 years in 2021.

At the same time, the number of marriages has decreased and the number of divorces has increased. Thus, in 2001, there were 41,406 marriages and 7,835 divorces, in 2011, 35,808 marriages and 8,251 divorces, and last year, 32,757 marriages and 9,790 divorces.

(B92, 11.07.2022)



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