The Economist’s ranking of business environments – How does Serbia fare?

According to the just published Economist Intelligence Unit Business Environment Index for 2024-2028, Serbia is in the group of ten countries that recorded the biggest progress compared to the previous Report, by as much as 0.72 points.

Serbia currently ranks 52nd out of 82 countries. This improvement is a consequence of Serbia opening to foreign investments, as well as the boosting its macroeconomic stability and institutions. Serbia also attracts investments in sectors with higher added value. According to Economist Intelligence Unit, there is still room for improvement of the business environment, especially through further liberalization of the economy and improving legal certainty.

Singapore, Denmark and the USA are at the top of the list, followed by Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Finland.

Greece ranks first on the list of countries that recorded the biggest progress compared to the previous report.

In addition to Greece and Serbia, India, the Dominican Republic and Kenya also recorded significant progress thanks to measures to attract foreign investments and infrastructure development.

Lithuania also scored better in the latest report, thanks to improving its tax regime.

The index includes 91 indicators grouped into 11 categories and assesses conditions for doing business in 82 countries and territories.

(Biznis i Finansije, 03.04.2024)

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