The Economist: Serbia 10th in the world in brain drain

The renowned British magazine, the Economist has published the so-called brain drain graph as a metaphor for the massive emigration of a highly educated and talented people to wealthier and more prosperous countries so they can better use their knowledge and skills.

According to the list, Haiti is the No1 in the world in terms of brain drain, while Serbia occupies the 10th place.

Brain drain is an ever-present problem in developing countries, where there is a growing fear that the country will be emptied of highly qualified “human capital”.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report for 2019, in the ranking, where the scores range from 1 (all talented people leave their country) to 7 (talented people stay in their country), Serbia is in 10th place.

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Behind Haiti are Venezuela, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Yemen, Moldova, Macedonia and Benin.

According to some economists, brain drain leaves developing countries without the people they need to get out of poverty.

Some experts say that fear of excessive brain drain is unjustified, because the money that expatriates send to their families in the homeland and the new skills brought by those who return, are greater than the damage caused to their country of emigration, reports the website.

(Danas, 05.02.2020)


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