The EC decides to shorten the validity of the COVID pass to 9 months

The European Commission has proposed that the validity of the COVID (green) pass be limited to 9 months after the pass holder gets the last dose of vaccine and that the validity of the document be automatically extended after the holder gets a booster vaccine (the third dose). If adopted by the EU Council, this decision should enter into force on 10 January.

The EC emphasises that the length of protection of the booster vaccine “has not yet been determined” and that it is possible that it could last “longer than after the first round of primary vaccination”. The EC recommended the application of the ‘personal principle’ when it comes to travelling within the EU, which excludes the use of the epidemiological map alone as a tool for determining criteria and restrictions.

The maps will remain in use, but the colours on the map will be determined on the basis of a combination of three criteria: the number of newly infected, tested and vaccinated.

In this case, the restrictions should not be applied to people coming from the so-called ‘green zones’ where the level of virus transmission is low, and should be applied to the unvaccinated people and come from areas of high virus transmission. Children under 6 years of age should not be subject to travel restrictions, while for those over the age of 12 the same rules as for adults apply – the Commission says.

(Blic, 25.11.2021)


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