The Corti al Femminile event tomorrow in Kinoteka

Under the auspices of the 22nd Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo (The Italian Language Week in the World), tomorrow, Saturday 22 October, at 5.30 p.m., at the Yugoslav Film Archives (Kinoteka), the event Corti al Femminile (Female Shorts) will be held.

At the event, a selection of short films made by young Italian women directors and distributed by the Sayonara Film production and distribution company from Bologna will be screened.

A total of four short films will be showcased – “I falchi” (The Hawks), directed by Lilian Sassanelli (2022), deals with the mourning process of the protagonists Emilio and Lea, in a symbolic place where they can get closer and intertwine their individual sensitivity. “Love is Love”, by Alessia Pischedda (2018), sees the young Viola with her courageous vision of the world, diverging from that of her father, who embodies the contradictions of a society that justifies violence and demonises love.

In “Petrol Station”, directed by Olga Torrico (2020), the protagonist Alice meets an old music teacher and comes to terms with her passion as a musician, buried deep in herself as she has to work at a petrol station to make a living. Finally, “Peccatrice” by Karolina Porcari (2018) shows the vicissitudes of little Lucia in a southern Italian village where, tired of her father’s violence, she will make a drastic decision on the day of her first communion.

The directors of the short films, who will be present in the auditorium for the occasion, will be interviewed after the screening by Adam Selo (director and founder of the production and distribution company Sayonara Film) and Michele Innocente (producer and co-writer of ‘Peccatrice’) where they will talk about the young generation of Italian filmmakers and answer questions from the audience.

The short films will be screened in Italian with English subtitles. The discussion after the screening will take place in Italian with simultaneous translation into Serbian.

(Danas, 21.10.2022)


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