The coronavirus has far from disappeared

The coronavirus is still very much present in Serbia.

“A minimum of protective epidemiological measures should be introduced in the form of people wearing masks indoors and outdoors in situations where it is not possible to keep a physical distance,’ said Dr Slavica Plavšić, a retired pulmonologist and a member of the United against COVID organization.

The most infectious strains of Omicron have been present in Serbia for some time, although no one knows in what percentage, which could also explain the increase in the number of infected people we have witnessed in recent days.

Since the beginning of this week, the number of patients has exceeded 2,000, and Dr Plavšić says that this is just the tip of the iceberg. “I am sure that this number is not realistic because very few people are tested nowadays. We can assume that there are many more infected. Many people have forgotten that the virus is still here and that it has not disappeared. They don’t go for testing because they falsely think that the health problems they have are the result of other types of respiratory infections or a stomach virus,” Dr Plavšić warns.

She also says that it is very difficult to predict the further course of the current infection surge due to the limited information shared, but we can expect a further increase in the number of infected in the next two weeks, without any dramatic leaps.

Dr Plavšić adds it is necessary to bring back the use of facial masks in enclosed spaces, as well as to introduce the mandatory use of N95 masks, which are compulsory in many European countries.

She concludes that it is necessary for the use of masks to become mandatory in ‘health care facilities, public transport and in all places where several people gather in a smaller space and outside where there is no possibility of physical distance’.

(Danas, 15.07.2022)


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