The companies with the highest profits in 2020

Beo Čista Energija, Mercata VT Novi Sad, Tehnomanija, Sopharma Trading and PE Putevi Srbije are the 5 companies that increased their business revenues the most, even several times over, in 2020.

Beo Čista Energija, the company that manages the Vinča landfill site, increased its turnover more than four times, to a total of 14.9 billion dinars. Its profit also quadrupled and the company, according to the Agency for Business Registers, has only 7 employees.

The Business Registers Agency (APR) traditionally publishes a report on the top 100 companies by profit, loss, income, capital, ownership. While PE Elektroprivreda Srbije (Electric Power Industry of Serbia), according to the final accounts for 2020, is the most profitable and largest company operating in Serbia, the list of those who have increased their income and profit the most looks different.

“The business income of the medium-sized company Beo Čista Energija has increased more than four times, amounting to 14.9 billion dinars it ranks 73rd on the 100 Top Companies in Serbia,” the APR report points out.

The company’s revenue, as mentioned, comes almost entirely from contracts concluded with the Belgrade authorities as a public partner, “as the company was established for special purposes with the aim of providing services related to the design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and financing of the waste treatment plant under the Public-Private Partnership Agreement for the Vinča project”.

As a result, the company recorded a multiple increase in operating profit, of 152 million dinars, and also recorded a four times higher profit, of 399 million dinars.

Next is the Mercata VT Company from Novi Sad (15th place on the list of companies with the largest revenues), whose revenues from the wholesale of tobacco products increased 2.3 times. Tehnomanija is another company that has had a significant increase in operating revenues (currently in 55th place).

“Tehnomanija generated a business revenue of 20.67 billion dinars from the retail sale of audio and video equipment, which is 87.6% higher than last year. The company generated its revenues from the sale of goods solely on the domestic market,” says APR.

(Nova, 20.10.2021)


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