The call for grants to innovators open until November 15

Innovative companies and teams in Serbia have until November 15 to respond to a new public call for grants from the European Union, the EU info network reminded today.

That public call was published on September 15, when the registration of applicants began. It was then reported that the European Union, through several programs, awards grants to medium-, micro and small companies, small business owners and cooperatives. These funds and programmes are implemented through the Fund for Innovation Activities and the Development Agency of Serbia.

Money in the amount of 3.2 million euros will be granted via the IPA project “Increasing the capacity and technological readiness of small and medium-sized enterprises” and is jointly provided by Serbia and the European Union.

Depending on the programme, the Innovation Activity Fund allocates from 80,000 to 300,000 euros per individual project, and companies are required to provide part of the funds from other private sources for the project implementation.

Project applications from all fields of science and technology and all industrial sectors are submitted via the relevant website, and the information regarding required documentation for the application and conditions can be found on the Fund for Innovation Activities’ website.

In terms of Serbia and the EU – Equipment for Businesses’ competition, intended for small business owners, micro and small companies, cooperatives and businesses that are engaged in production/construction, interested parties can apply until funds are used up, but no later than December 31, 2022.

1.9 billion dinars in grants were provided from budget funds, while additional funds were provided from EU pre-accession funds – IPA 19, in the amount of 10 million euros.

This is a combination of grants and favourable loans from commercial banks, i.e. financial leasing.

The Serbian Ministry of Economy co-finances the procurement of new equipment directly involved in the production of tradable goods and new construction equipment as a grant in the amount of 25 percent of the net value of the equipment being procured, while 70 percent of the net value of the equipment is financed from loans from commercial banks or financial leasing companies (who are partners in the Programme), while the company (the grant recipient) has to provide five percent.

(Danas, 01.11.2022)

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