The biggest lies of politicians in 2023

Just like every year, the Istinomer website is ranking the biggest lies told by politicians and public figures in 2023 and according to their truth metre, 2023 was not a particularly authentic year.  

“We saw the same lies, old spins and previously seen deceptions throughout the year. Politicians, however, are becoming more imaginative in how to pass off lies as truth, demagoguery as reality and conspiracy theories as reality. The techniques used to throw dust in the eyes of ordinary people are more and more diverse, more insidious, more cunning and perfidious,” Istinomer writes.

So, here is the list of the biggest lies told by politicians in 2023:

  1. Vladimir Đukanović (a member of the Serbian Progressive Party):“I did not say that women report domestic violence on Thursday and go out, as it nothing happens, on weekend.“

On 5th June 2021, Đukanović had a guest appearance on a TV programme aired on Happy TV, during which he made a statement about victims of domestic violence often reporting their partners on Thursdays so that, once their husbands are detained, they can go out on weekends. The excerpt from the programme is available on X.

  1. Aleksandar Vučić (Serbian President): “We built 147 hospitals, local health centres and general healthcare facilities, and they built zero.”

The statement given by the Serbian President is not factual, because, before his party, SNS, came to power, several health facilities had been built, namely, in May 2008, a dialysis hospital was opened in Novi Sad, followed by a general hospital in Zrenjanin in 2009, then, in mid-June 2010, the ER centre was opened as part of the Clinical Center of Vojvodina, and in 2011, the  Dialysis Hospital in Vranje, to name a few.

  1. Igor Simić (an MP):” The number of femicides is declining year-on-year.”

According to data collated by the Autonomous Women’s Centre, 26 femicides were recorded in 2020, 20 in 2021, 24 in 2022, and 28 this year alone.

  1. Ana Brnabić (Serbian PM):” The general fertility rate in Serbia is growing because more young people are deciding to stay in Serbia or are coming back to live in Serbia.”

The total fertility rate, as mentioned by the Prime Minister, for the period from 2012 to 2021, was calculated based on the results of the 2011 Census, when Serbia’s population was 7,186,862, instead of the results of the 2022 census which showed that Serbia’s population stands at approximately 6.6 million (a 539,859 drop in the number of inhabitants). The fertility rate is the average number of children born per woman during her fertile period.

  1. Bratislav Gašić (former director of the Serbian intelligence agency – BIA):” Nobody accused Germany of that.”

What Gašić was referring to media reports that he accused German authorities of shielding the assassins of the Kosovo Serb politician, Oliver Ivanović. However, the video of him accusing Germany of hiding Ivanović’s killers on 21st June, 2023, could be seen on X.

  1. Željko Mitrović (owner of Pink TV):” I said that Zadruga (a reality show) will be off air temporarily, not forever.”

Zadruga reality show has been often heavily criticized by the public for its inappropriate content which often depicted verbal and physical violence, alcohol abuse, threats and foul language. Mitrović did indeed say that he would, following the recommendation of President Vučić, take the reality show off the air completely, as he wrote in his X post.  

  1. Aleksandar Vučić (Serbian President):” During the reign of the former regime, the minimum wage was 15,000 dinars and now is 47,000 dinars.”

If we look at the statistical data from the mentioned period and consider that the minimum wage changes every month depending on the number of working hours, in 2012, the minimum wage was 19,446 dinars, and in 2013, it was 20,010 dinars.

  1. Aleksandar Vulin (former director of the Serbian intelligence agency, BIA):” Intelligence agencies don’t issue public statements.”

BIA has released public statements on several occasions, including the one regarding Vulin’s stay in Israel, the arrests made in Bujanovac in 2022, rebuttals of Milan Dumanović’s (former employee of Interior Ministry) statements, as well as the statement about Vulin’s resignation.

(N1, 22.12.2023)

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