The biggest AI summit in South Europe starts in Belgrade on Friday

The largest event in South-East Europe dedicated to artificial intelligence, the Wonderland Al Summit, will bring together technology giants at the Madlenianum Theatre in Belgrade on Friday.

Through more than 20 lectures and seminars, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in products and services used in everyday life, as well as hear discussions about the directions of its future development.

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Viswanath Sivakumar from Facebook’s artificial intelligence lab, Krzysztof Suwada from Google’s technology giant and Richard Knox, senior developer of one of the world’s largest auction platforms, eBay, will talk about the application and impact of artificial intelligence on online commerce.

Mercedes Benz’s vision on the potential of artificial intelligence and its effects in the automotive sector will be shared by Julian Merten, while IBM venture capital partner, Christoph Welsbach will present the experience of one of the largest investors in AI today.

The conference programme will also include an official nVidia seminar. The conference will bring together engineers, directors, IT managers, as well as all those individuals who have an innovative and modern approach to business that inevitably involves the application of new technologies.

“Our idea is to make the Wonderland Al Summit one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence events. We believe we have the potential. We bring global experts from the world’s leading companies to the first event, willing to contribute to the development of artificial intelligence ecosystems,” said AI Summit’s founder Jovan Stojanović.

(Nova Ekonomija, 05.11.2019)


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