The Belgrade International Comics Fair to take place in late September

This year’s 19th International Comics Fair will be held from 30 September to 2 October at the Student Cultural Centre in Belgrade.

One of the most significant segments of the programme is a large retrospective on Andrija Maurović, a painter, cartoonist, illustrator and one of the most important artistic figures in Croatia and the former Yugoslavia.

The exhibition is titled “Maurović, Stari Mačak, još jednom (ili – prvi put) u Beogradu?” and is designed by Veljko Krulčić, a prominent Zagreb publisher and comics historian.

Italian artist Daniele Meucci, author of the graphic novel ‘Tesla: Čovek koji je oblikovao budućnost’, will have a guest appearance at the Salon. The novel is based on an interview Nikola Tesla gave to Liberty magazine in 1935, brought to life with a wonderful watercolour technique which reveals lesser-known things about the life of this extraordinary inventor.

The aforementioned exhibitions, as well as the large retrospective exhibition on Slobodan Ivkov, the winner of the Comics’ Fair Lifetime Achievement Award, and the accompanying festival exhibitions (Grand Prix Salona 2003 – 2022; Laureati Salona 2003 – 2022; Ovde, na ovom mestu…#2), will be open from 30 September to 15 October, while the various lectures, lectures and panel discussions, as well as the Comics Fair, will run from 30 September to 2 October, the event’s director Miki Pješčić, announces.

(Danas, 23.09.2022)

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