The Belgrade Fair to be relocated soon

The Belgrade Fair will definitely have to relocate in order to make room for the expansion of the Belgrade Waterfront project, has learned.

The Fair’s tenants have already started receiving verbal notices that they should be getting ready to move out. Furthermore, their rent contracts with the Belgrade Fair could be extended for six months only.

 As several tenants, who insisted on remaining anonymous, confirmed, apart from verbal notices of eviction, they were not even allowed to renovate the premises, although some of them wanted to. previously announced that the Fair is apparently moving from its well-known location on Vojvode Mišića Boulevard to Surčin, right next to the new National Stadium. Two reasons for this are cited – the EXPO 2027 project and the expansion of the Belgrade Waterfront project.

The plan is also to build a series of exhibition halls and pavilions, accommodation and commercial facilities within and around the National Stadium in Surčin.

Nikola Jovanović from the Centre for Local Self-Government says that according to their information, the Serbian government is due to announce the privatization of the Belgrade Fair Company, which is solely state-owned. The Belgrade Waterfront Company is mentioned as one of the prospective buyers, in which the Serbian government has a 32% stake.

(N1, 22.02.2023)

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