The average bribe in Serbia is EUR 74 – doctors and police most prone to taking bribes

The average bribe given in Serbia was 74 euro last year. Citizens see doctors and police as the most vulnerable to corruption, followed by government and customs officials, according to an EU-funded study entitled “Prevention of and Fight against Corruption”.

A survey conducted last year found that 71% of citizens think that political parties are still corrupt, while 63% think the same about the employees of judicial institutions, reports the Politika daily.

Citizens generally condemn corruption in health care and 70% agree that corruption and bribery are the society’s cancer. Almost two-thirds of citizens (63%) believe that alcohol, coffee or boxes of chocolates given to doctors or nurses are not considered bribe, the study revealed.

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According to the respondents, the most corrupt of the health workers are the doctors, while the employees of the State Health Insurance Fund (RFZO) are in second place. When it comes to education, one in three believes that professors in universities and schools are corrupt, while 29% of respondents believe that there is a lot of corruption among employees of the Ministry of Education is an improvement of the survey conducted in 2015.

The number of citizens who indirectly had to deal with corruption increased from 20% (the 2015 survey) to 25% in the last survey conducted under the project “Prevention of and Fight against Corruption”.

As for direct experience with corruption, this percentage increased from 8% in 2015 to 11% in the 2018 survey, the Politika reports.

(B92, 19.09.2019)



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