The Asseco affair and conflict of interest

Although the media have been reporting about the so-called Asseco affair for days now, the Serbian government is yet to react or comment on the allegations that Igor, Ana Brnabić’s brother and one of the directors of the Asseco Company, has been involved in the conflict of interest because of Asseco’s business deals with the Serbian government. website has published a document confirming the commercial collaboration between the Asseco Company, of which Igor Brnabić is one of the directors and the government’s IT office which is headed by Igor’s sister, the Serbian PM, Ana Brnabić.

In addition to business dealings with the IT Office, according to the revealed documents, Asseco  has entered into commercial agreements with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, wherein three years, it would get 100 million dinars on the account of maintaining system servers in courts and prosecutor’s offices

Nova sent several questions to the relevant state institutions (Cabinet of Prime Minister Brnabić, Government Office for Public Relations, IT Office of the Government of Serbia, Anti-Corruption Agency), with the aim of obtaining explanation on why Igor Brnabić is not in conflict of interest with the government, what selection criteria in choosing the best bidder in public procurement were used and why there were no other interested bidders, with the exception of Asseco.

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None of the aforementioned government institutions has answered as yet. Ignoring the problem can only further undermine the already shaken confidence in state institutions. The Prime Minister’s brother’s business is deemed as public interest, especially if state institutions are involved.

To remind, in late 2019, the Office for Information Technologies and Electronic Administration signed a contract with Asseco South-Eastern Europe, one of which directors is Igor Brnabić. This is a public contract worth 1.5 million euro, which stipulates that the company will develop the software for the central population register.

However, this is not the only business deal that Asseco has made with state institutions. In addition to the 1.5-million-euro-agreement with the government’s IT office, Asseco also signed an agreement with the Ministry of Justice in 2019 for an amount of over 30 million dinars.

To make things more interesting, this is just one of the contracts that Asseco has signed with this Ministry since 2017 when Ana Brnabić became the prime minister and thanks to which Asseco stands to earn over 100 million dinars in three years.

(, 29.09.2020)

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