The Alliance for Serbia (SzS) will be dissolved

The chairmanship of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka) met yesterday in session to analyze the outcome of the elections and the future of the party in the coalition Alliance for Serbia (Savez za Srbiju).

The People’s Party has subsequently decided that it will start campaigning on its own for the next elections.

“We have already started to tour the cities. Regardless of whether there will be new elections soon or in 2022, we hope to be ready,” said a source from the party.

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The future of the Alliance for Serbia coalition was discussed at the Presidency session and the conclusion is that their mission has been exhausted.

“The election boycott was the reason for the alliance of parties and movements. Since the elections are over, the boycott issue is over, so it is time for everyone to go their own way,” said the same source.

The leader of the People’s Party, Vuk Jeremic, does not want to be the first to make the exit from the Alliance and would like to leave the announcement to another organization.

“We have agreed that Vuk Jeremic and Dragan Djilas should meet as soon as possible, to talk and see what the future of the Alliance will be, even if the People’s Party will continue alone,” the Alliance says.

The idea of Jeremic and his entourage is to reach an agreement with Djilas, but also with other leaders of the SzS, that the Alliance should dissolve, without scandals and quarrels.

Alliance for Serbia was formed after the Belgrade elections held in March 2018, when the founders, putting aside their political differences, agreed on a 30-point-programme they presented to people in Serbia.

The coalition was formed by Dragan Djilas’ Party for Freedom and Justice, Vuk Jeremic’s People’s Party, Bosko Obradovic’s Dveri and the Democratic Party. Some other smaller parties and movements then joined the group, others left.

“The results of these elections are a clear signal to the opposition, both the one that boycotted them and the one that went to the polls, that they must change their strategy and approach, because the current approach has exhausted its meaning. They have two years to find a solution,” said CeSid’s executive director, Bojan Klačar.

(Mondo, 26.06.2020)

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