The 4th American Culture and Society Week begins

The 4th American Culture and Society Week, organized by the Center for American Studies, started today and will take place until April 2, 2022, at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

American heroes, superheroes and anti-heroes are the themes of the lectures that will be held at the Faculty.

“Professors from the Department of History, Sociology, Art History, Ethnology, Anthropology and Psychology will give a series of lectures on American heroes, superheroes and anti-heroes, through which they will give abundant information about American history, culture and society. Although these workshops are primarily intended for students of the Faculty of Philosophy, they are also open to everybody who is interested in learning about the cultural and social history of the United States,” says Simona Cupic, professor at the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

Thomas Jefferson, Sitting Bull, famous and anonymous civil rights activists, environmental heroes, Scarlett O’Hara, Blade, and Captain America, as well as many Marvel heroes, offer answers to questions about race and gender equality, activism, art, and popular culture.

Professor Cupic notes that they all have America in common, but the differences are numerous, and it’s from those differences that we understand how many different “heroic” stories there are.

“In other words, it’s becoming quite clear that there is no one America, and that any attempt to create a single image is actually based on stereotypes, insufficient knowledge, and prejudice. The basic idea behind this initiative is to draw attention to these differences through a dialogue that leads to a true understanding of America – from the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and civil rights movements to the BLM (Black Lives Matter), from the American dream to the Kennedy assassination, from the suburbs to the prairie to McDonald’s to NASA, from cowboys to Berkeley. Studying and deconstructing unreliable and popular ‘knowledge’ is important for our students as a model for thinking about social phenomena both in America and abroad,” Professor Cupic say and adds that visits to Kinoteka (the Yugoslav Film Archive) are also planned during the 4th American Culture and Society Week.

(Politika, 28.03.2022)


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