Thanks to new e-konzulat service, foreigners to obtain work visa quicker

New online service for foreign nationals, e-konzulat , has been launched by the Serbian government.

The service will help foreign nationals in Serbia to digitally submit their applications for type D visas (work visas). This is the first electronic service, launched by the Serbian Foreign Ministry, that is available in 95 diplomatic and consular missions, i.e. embassies and consulates-general of Serbia.

The official presentation of the new service was attended by the Serbian Foreign Minister, Nikola Selaković, who underlined that the new service was a turning point in an important segment of the activities of diplomatic consular missions (DCM).

The director of the government’s IT Office and eUprava (e-governance), Mihailo Jovanović, said that the registration and the application itself were simple and once foreign nationals use the service by registering, they will become a part of the e-citizen system of Serbia.

When registering, foreigners have to first enter their personal data, information regarding their family members, occupation, passport details, the location of the DCM that the applicant would like their work visa to arrive, a photocopy of their passport and the invitation letter.

“After that, the entire communication with the consular representation continues electronically, with foreigners having to go in person to a consular office or an embassy only when the work visa arrives,” Jovanović said.

He also underlined that when a foreigner wants to find a job in Serbia and applies for a work visa, they will get an ID card number, which will be automatically forwarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the National Employment Service, so that the employer can start the authorisation procedure.

“It is very important to make sure that they can start working as soon as possible,” Jovanović said, adding that the D visa was valid for 180 days. “We are currently also working on digitising the process of obtaining a residence permit and this service should have been launched by late May,” Jovanović said.

(RTS, 20.05.2021)




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