Thaci wants referendum on deal with Belgrade

Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci has published an open letter to the public calling for a referendum to decide on a peace agreement with Serbia, the KoSSev portal reported on Wednesday.

“Our citizens have to make a choice at a referendum. They have to decide whether they are in favour of a peace agreement with Serbia, which secures membership in the European Union, NATO and the UN for Kosovo, or whether they want to live in spite with neighbouring countries and isolated states”, Thaci wrote on his Facebook profile.

“The main goal of a possible agreement, which is very hard to achieve, is the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia and Kosovo’s membership in the EU, UN and NATO,” he wrote.

Thaci also fiercely criticized opposition and what he called “lonely voices of civil society”, accusing them of using unscrupulous propaganda and inflicting damage on Kosovo because they do not want a deal with Serbia.

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The opposition parties in Kosovo have called for a special session of the Kosovo Parliament on 4th September ahead of Thaci’s next meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Brussels. The rationale behind this demand was the need to adopt an institutional stand against any danger to the territory of Kosovo. The opposition wants a resolution that states that no one has the mandate to negotiate about Kosovo’s territory.

“This is Thaci’s adventure”, an MP from the opposition party, Alternativa, Ilir Deda said. Commenting on what he saw as damaging in Thaci’s approach, he said: “Kosovo should be stronger no matter what it takes to defeat those who are destroying our country. Thaci should be first stopped in the Parliament, on 4th September, and then in mass civilian protests.”

And while Thaci wants a referendum, the women’s forum from the LDK (The Democratic League of Kosovo) today called for snap parliamentary elections.

(N1, 29.08.2018)


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