Thaci: Trump has a solution for Kosovo

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci said that, under no circumstances, should a solution for Kosovo resemble the dual sovereignty model applied in South Tyrol and the Republic of Srpska, or Kosovo authorities granting executive powers to the Community of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo.

Thaci also said that, in a dialogue with Belgrade, he wanted “to correct historical injustices concerning the accession of the Presevo Valley to Kosovo”.

He added that, before the meeting in Paris, he would ask to meet Donald Trump in Washington since “the letters of US President Donald Tramp are a guide to finding a solution for Pristina and Belgrade, which has not been foreseen by any other European leader.”

In an interview for TV Dukagjini, Thaci also said that he fully agreed with the Pristina delegation and denied the pressure on the prime minister to suspend the tax.

“The decision to abolish the tax (on Serbian goods) as a prerequisite for visa liberalization is a job for the Government, and I will respect every decision they make,” Thaci said.

(Blic, 05.05.2019)


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