Thaci: It’s worrying that Oliver Ivanovic’s murder is still not solved

Kosovo’s president, Hashim Thaci, said today that it is worrying that the murderer of the leader of the Serbia, Democracy, Justice civil initiative, Oliver Ivanovic has not yet been found, and reiterated what he has already said in mid-February, namely that that the investigation into Ivanovic’s murder would cause headache both for Serbia and Kosovo.

“The investigation into Ivanovic’s murder is not slowing down,” Thaci said at press conference when he returned from Brussels, where two delegations, Belgrade and Pristina, held talks at the presidential level. “It is worrying that the killers have not yet been found, I agree with you. It’s been six months”, Thaci added.

“Our institutions are actively working on shedding light to the murder and are assisted by international partners. We were also in contact with Serbian institutions. The authorities are divided. Kosovo institutions will come out with concrete results in the near future, which will be nuisance to many in both Kosovo and Belgrade,”said Kosovo’s president.

Ivanovic was killed by six shots fired into his back at noon, on 16th January, in front of the premises of his office.

At the press conference, the Kosovo President also spoke about the talks with his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic in Brussels, which ended the day before yesterday, and said that that it was not easy to talk to Vucic, who believes that Kosovo still belongs to Serbia.

He explained that Aleksandar Vucic and he first discussed with Mogherini “the European future of Kosovo, normalization of relations and reaching a final agreement with Serbia.” 

“The final agreement should be enable good neighbourly relations, peace and stability in the Balkans and integration into NATO and the EU. After that, we held a meeting at the presidential level. It was short, not easy, the shortest and the worst of all the meetings we have had in the past six years,” Thaci said. 

Nevertheless, Thaci said that he “continued to see the light at the end of the tunnel” – although, “it will be extremely difficult.” 

“Serbia continues to see Kosovo as part of its territory. President Vucic and Serbia must understand that Kosovo is a sovereign state. We will work to reach a final agreement that will be good for both countries, but there will be even greater difficulties in the coming days and months,” he concluded. 

Also, the Kosovo President has stated that Kosovo citizens will be able to travel without visas to European countries in a few months’ time, reports RTK 2.

(Nova Ekonomija, 19.07.2018)


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