Thaci: Agreement with Serbia will be signed at White House

The president of the temporary Kosovo institutions, Hashim Thaçi, said today that a comprehensive agreement on the normalization of relations with Belgrade will be signed at the White House, in the presence of US President Donald Trump.

“There is no dilemma about the US supports for us. The agreement will be finalized in the White House in the presence of the most powerful world statesman, Donald Trump,” Thaçi said at an annual press conference, as reported by Bota Sot.

When asked to comment on the statement made by one of his advisors, Bekim Çollaku, who said earlier that Pristina should consider lifting the 100% tax on goods from Serbia at least temporarily, Thaci said that he would refrain from commenting on the statements of his advisors.

Thaçi will not be in Brussels on January 8th for the talks with Serbian officials since he would be on a skiing holiday at the Brezovica winter resort, Bota Sot reported.

The Kosovo team that will continue the dialogue with Belgrade will travel to Brussels on January 8th, where they will meet with representatives of the EU.

Thaci also said that he fully trusted his team and expected for the agreement with Belgrade to be balanced.

(Dnevnik, 27.12.2018)


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