Textile industry in Smederevo: 800 jobs in the Turkish Kaizen

The Kaizen d.o.o. textile company, registered in Smederevo, will have had around 800 employees by June 2017.

The Smederevo-based textilecompany Kaizen d.o.o., a daughter company of the Turkish Kardem, has hired 229 workers since 1st June and is planning to have around 800 employees by June 2017. On 19th September, the company will begin to produce T-shirts for the American clothing brand Atos – Kushat Yilmaz, manager at Kardem and Kaizen said.

“Out of 229 employees, we are currently training 70 of them in our training centre in Smederevo in line with the operational principles of the Kardem Compay. The training, which usually lasts three months, has been shortened to six weeks for the Smederevo workers because we want to move faster”, Yilmaz said.

According to him, there are currently five production lines in Smederevo and, as of 19th September, the company is supposed to start producing T-shirts for the American clothing brand Athos. The company is waiting for the final approval from Atos which is the usual prerequisite for the beginning of production.

“By June next year, we plan to employ around 800 workers of all educational and work profiles and, once we reach that goal, we are going to think about making another greenfield investment, probably in Smederevo”, he added.

Yilmaz also said that all of the employees in the Smederevo facility have concluded labour agreements on the day one of their work engagement and that they are paid minimum wage because “they are currently undergoing training”.

He went on to say that once the real production starts on 19th September, the salaries will probably be slightly higher than the ones paid by their main competitors in Smederevo.

During the training the workers receive 10,000 Dinars plus 1,700 Dinars for food. They also have paid transport costs.

At the Job Fair in May, it was said that 270 workers would start working at the Smederevo textile facility and that the plan was to employ around 2,500 people over the next few years. There was no say about salaries.

People interested in working for Kaizen first need to pass a general knowledge test, and, if they do, they are called for training.

(Vecernje Novosti, 11.09.2016)

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