Test and quarantine for people coming to Serbia for Christmas holidays?

The government’s Crisis Unit is due to have a meeting in the coming days, i.e. by Friday at the latest, to decide about new measures for all Serbian citizens who are coming to Serbia during the upcoming holiday period.

“The medical part of the Unit discusses new measures every day. We have written the proposals, and sent them for consideration. They are mainly about measures for our citizens coming to Serbia for New Year’s and Christmas’ holidays,” said Dr Predrag Kon.

One of these proposals includes mandatory PCR testing on entry into the country, but also potential quarantine and isolation: “There should be an option of quarantine and self-isolation, which will be discussed at the next meeting,” Dr Kon adds.

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When asked if a PCR test will be mandatory, Dr Kon said that “the suggestions are clear”, but also underlined that “closing the borders is impossible”.

“There is no alternative. A large number of people who do not know they are infected will come to Serbia They don’t know if they will get sick and seek hospitalization in Serbia, and Serbia cannot support this,” said Dr Kon.

The expert added that if the borders did shut down, there wouldn’t be so many infected people as today.

“It is not for me to judge. Our biggest problem is not what had happened, but what will happen. We have to look ahead, Christmas holiday is coming. Even if we stabilize the situation with these measures and then act as if nothing is going now, we will have another ‘explosion’ in January,” concluded the epidemiologist.

(Vesti-Online, 09.12.2020)


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