Tesla’s lightning, circus and soundology at Science Festival

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Effektschmiede, the German collective which created giant Tesla coils especially for Metallica’s 2013 Canada and Mexico tour, is coming to the Science Festival that will take place at the Belgrade Fair between 15th and 18th December.

Effektschmiede use physical phenomena of water, fire, voltage and energy to promote Tesla’s experiments. They are going to showcase their induction and frequency exhibition at the Fair. The visitors will be able to play with induction, use the famous Tesla coil and measure how much electricity their bodies generate.

Apart from the Germans, a Ljubljana-based experimental group called ‘Hiša Eksperimentov” will also participate at the Fair with their Soundology show. “My colleague, who attended the Festival last year, told me it was a great experience and that he had a lot of fun. I am so looking forward to being a part of the Festival this year”, says Sara Kebe who is going to show the Festival visitors how to make a straw bomb, among many other things.

Back by popular demand, the Luminesenz Circus from Austria will demonstrate their unforgettable sound and light installations at the Fair again.

The visitors will be able to dance along laser beams while creating unique music and authentic visual stimuli.

The Lund University from Sweden is also making its comeback to the Science Festival, following great reactions from the audience last year to their magical / scientific performance. This time around, they are bringing with themselves the improved Great Physics and Science Laser Show.

The tickets to the Science Festival cost 450 Dinars while the admission for children up to 5 years of age is free.

(Tanjug, 24.11.2016)


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