Tesla Global Forum from 7th to 10th July

Tesla Global Forum, a traditional event dedicated to the popularization and promotion of science, culture and education in honour of Nikola Tesla, will take place on Fruska Gora, in Matica Srpska and in the Sisatovac Monastery between 7th and 10th July.

The Forum will be officially opened on 7th July, at 2pm, at the CEPTOR conference hall on Fruska Gora. The Forum will be attended by 150 of the most successful students from the country and abroad. Also, renowned professors, scientists, artists and experts on Tesla will participate in the Forum’s lectures, round table discussions and creative workshops where they will exchange know-how and experiences.

On 9th July, at the Sisatovac Monastery, which had a special place in Tesla’ heart, the Forum’s participants will be able to enjoy in the real monastery feast that will be accompanied by solemn speeches in honour of Nikola Tesla.

On the last day of the Forum, on 10th July, which is also Tesla’s birthday, Tesla Global Forum will give out its traditional awards called The White Dove in Novi Sad, in Matica Srpska.

This year’s winners are the singer of spiritual music, Divna Ljubojevic, the American musician and composer, Mano Divina, the leader of the Serbian diaspora in the US, Michael Djordjevic, the director of the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Belgrade, Mladjen Cicovic and actor Nikola Rakocevic, who gave an outstanding performance playing Nikola Tesla in the theatre play FBI – Dossier Tesla.

(Vecernje Novosti, 06.07.2017)


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