Tepic:”Is it true that the police will buy nets for catching people from Mitrović?”

Vice President of the Freedom and Justice Party, Marinika Tepić, Radomir Lazović from the Green-Left Club, and Pesčanik’s columnist, Dejan Ilić,  all agree that the controversial Draft Law on Internal Affairs should be prevented from being forwarded to the Serbian Parliament for a public debate.

Tepić publicly questioned whether it is true that the Interior Ministry Affairs will procure “nets” for catching people from the owner of the Pink TV station, Željko Mitrović, and added that Mitrović “bragged about producing equipment that will be bought by police forces worldwide.”

“I really want to know whether the Serbian police will acquire drones that shoot those nets from Željko Mitrović,” Tepic said during her guest appearance on Nova S TV.

She added that the parliamentary caucuses of the Party of Freedom and Justice, the Green-Left, the Moramo-Zajedno coalition, the Democratic Party and the People’s Party will meet next week to coordinate steps towards preventing the “scandalous Law on Internal Affairs from being forwarded to the Serbian parliament.”

“If that draft law is approved by the government and is forwarded to the parliament, that’s the end of it because all it needs is a show of hands to be adopted. Our goal is that this law does not enter the parliamentary procedure at all, if that happens and this law is adopted, it will be irrelevant whether we have elections next year or the year after that”, warned Tepić and reminded that the law foresees numerous repressive measures and tools.

The draft law stipulates the possibility of natural persons making donations to the police which is a step toward the police becoming influenced by “rich criminals”.

Furthermore, the draft law foresees police entering private property without a warrant, keeping both video and audio surveillance records and several other anti-civil measures.

(N1, 26.12.2022)



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