Tepic:”Company of Ana Brnabic’s brother received EUR 40mln from state budget”

The Vice-President of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), Marinika Tepic, is in possession of documents showing that the company of Igor Brnabic, brother of the Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, has received more than 40 million euro in the last two years directly from the state budget.

Standing in front of the building of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, Tepic yesterday delivered evidence showing the illicit business activity of Igor Brnabić’s company Asseco with state companies and institutions.

“Igor Brnabic’s company, Asseco, has received more than 40 million euro in two years, since the appointment of his sister Ana Brnabic as Prime Minister with 20 million euro coming from Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) alone,” Tepic revealed.

She went on to say that the same company also received money from the National Employment Service, the Ministry of Trade and other state bodies.

Tepic added that after Ana Brnabic’s appointment as prime minister in June 2017, by law, she was directly responsible for running the government’s Office for Information Technologies and Electronic Administration, which opened in August of the same year.

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“On November 15, 2017, that office awarded a contract worth 180 million dinars to her brother’s company. This is a conflict of interest, ” Tepic said.

“Igor Brnabic received money from the Serbian government’s IT Office for creating a central population register, which is interesting given that not even the State Statistical Office has that kind of register,” Tepic added.

Tepic underlined that Igor Brnabic’s company did not always do business directly with institutions financed by the budget, and cited the example of the contract concluded between the Ministry of Justice and the Atos IT Solutions Company, where Igor Brnabic’s company is one of the companies that are a member of the group of suppliers.

(Novi Magazin, 23.09.2020)





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