Tepic: “We will disclose Serbia’s agreements with Chinese companies”

Opposition leader Marinika Tepic said on Tuesday that the opposition would publish the strategic partnership contract that the Serbian authorities signed with China’s Zijin Company which has been the majority owner of the RTB Bor mining and smelting complex since 2018.

“Not just the contract with Zijin. We have reviewed all bilateral contracts and inter-state agreements which are the result of non-transparent bilateral agreements, especially those with China. That is one of our pillars, we call it economic patriotism,” she said during a visit to the town of Bor.

Local people in Bor have been complaining for months of pollution from the Zijin complex.

“The regime wants to turn Serbia into a colony and privatize it completely so we will review everything that has been done that is damaging to Serbia and the residents of Bor and the price that will be paid in coming years,” the deputy leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) said.

Tepic presented the analysis conducted by the opposition’s experts according to which if the extraction of ore continued at the current rate, the ore would be extracted in Bor only for another 13 years, after which the city would remain polluted and the land destroyed. “I am sure that we will find a solution for both the investor and the people living here, because business has developed in Bor,” Dragan Djilas, one of the opposition’s leaders, added.

(Naslovi.net, 22.02.2022)




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