Tepic: Vucic employed Belivuk’s gang members and harassed police officers who tried to arrest them

The vice president of the Party of Freedom and Justice, Marinika Tepic, told Nova.rs that Aleksandar Vucic’s attempt to turn himself into a victim is very transparent and that entire Serbia knows that the head of a criminal gang, Veljko Belivuk, is his protégé.

Tepic pointed out that the mental condition of the Serbian president is “frightening,” because he flippantly talks about how the late police officer Dejan Jovic, who arrested Belivuk, was harassed and then pretends he knows nothing about it. “Jovic cannot speak for himself because he is dead, but his colleagues know everything,” she points out.

Speaking about close ties between Belivuk and the President of Serbia, Tepic says: “It is so transparent that Vucic is trying to portray himself as a victim again, as executioners usually do. Entire Serbia now knows that Belivuk has been a member of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) since 2011.”

According to her, Belivuk was served well to Vucic as long as he was on his side.

“Vucic even employed Belivuk’s gang members in public companies with the help of the officials from his political party, while the best police officers were harassed because they arrested Belivuk. Vucic’s mental condition is so scary. He is now pretending to cry over the destiny of police officer Dejan Jovic, who arrested Belivuk in 2017 (for the murder of karate expert Vlastimir Milosevic). But Jovic’s colleagues know everything, the police know the truth,” says Tepic.

(Nova, 26.07.2021)




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