Tepic: The government usurped taxpayers’ money through corruption even during the pandemic

The vice president of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SPP), Marinika Tepić, stated today that billions of dinars from the state budget were given to companies where the directors are the brothers of Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and newly-appointed government minister, Darija Kisić Tepavčević respectively, as well as to Telekom Serbia – “a piggy bank of the Serbian Progressive Party”.

“This refers to only to the contracts concluded during the pandemic, when the Serbian citizens experienced hardships and when their money was given away to ‘the party and its buddies’,” said Tepić, addressing the journalists gathered in front of the Serbian Presidency building.

Tepić reminded that she had filed criminal charges with the prosecutor’s office for earlier cases of corruption, but had not received any reply from Zagorka Dolovac, the state public prosecutor.

As examples, she mentioned that the Ministry of Finance awarded 313 million dinars to the Asseco Company, in which Igor Brnabić is one of the directors, in July, while earlier, in April, the Ministry of Labour allocated 692 million dinars to the same company.

“It is especially interesting to note that the Ministry of Health concluded a 53-million-dinar-contract with Telekom Serbia and the Nitres Company, in which Dr Kisić’s brother is director,” said Tepić, citing some of the contracts concluded in recent months.

“I am deeply convinced that these are corrupt contracts because we are talking about trading in influence. There is no doubt about that. This is about the abuse of the law and high corruption,” Tepić added.

Tepić also pointed out that her party has already drafted a law on a special prosecutor, which Serbia desperately needs and which stipulates stricter penalties for state officials for corruption, and announced that she would continue to uncover information on suspicious affairs of the Serbian government.

(Beta, 17.11.2020)


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