Tepic: “Telekom Serbia borrows money to pay salaries, the company is in debt”

The vice-president of the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), Marinika Tepic, claims that in the last five years, Telekom Serbia’s debt has tripled from 456 million euros to 1.43 billion euros.

In the same period, the company’s income has allegedly increased by only 19%, and profit has been reduced from 120 million to only 35 million euros annually, Tepic claims on the basis of company information.

This can be validated by the fact that Telekom was forced to issue bonds for 200 million euros in 2020 due to the bad financial situation because it could no longer borrow money from banks.

The latest information is that the company was forced to borrow money to pay the salaries of its employees.

Tepic also said at a press conference that, before he was appointed CEO of Telekom, Vladimir Lucic, was director of the company M:tel in Montenegro, a daughter company of Telekom Serbia, and allegedly did business with the family of Milo Djukanovic, Beba Popovic and Bratislav Gasic, while spending millions of euros on false and fictitious contracts.

Tepic also claims that Zika Gojkovic, leader of the POKS, the alleged opposition party in Serbia, is a member of the management team of the SNS party.

(Danas, 22.12.2021)


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