Tepic: “RTS refuses to report that Loncar has banned the re-testing of infected doctors”

The Vice-President of the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), Marinika Tepic, said that she asked the public broadcaster, Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) to report about a document according to which the Ministry of Health “bans re-testing of COVID-19-positive health workers who have returned to work after 14 days of self-isolating”, as well as to report about the real situation in the Serbian healthcare system.

In a written statement, Tepic asked the RTS to “listen to the opinions of experts who can help to overcome this tragic situation instead of those of the fear-mongering Crisis Unit”, and asked the government to “immediately withdraw the proposal to increase the mandatory TV subscription”.

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“How many more people should get sick with COVID-19? How many more people should die because of this disease? What kind of damage the health care system of this country should suffer so that the RTS, as a public broadcaster agrees to informs the people correctly and is not protecting the government by covering all its failures that have tragic consequences”, Tepic wondered.

She also said that, amidst the escalation of the pandemic and the record number of infected and deceased citizens and health workers, the RTS did not consider it necessary to report about people flocking to shop on Black Friday, as a hotbed of infection, but instead “promoted this event in the evening news”.

(N1, 30.11.2020)


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