Tepić: Early parliamentary election is a result of a society in crisis

Vice President of the Freedom and Justice Party, Marinika Tepić, said that the early parliamentary election is a result of a deep crisis in society, political, and especially social, after the tragic events of May 3 and 4, after which the government behaved as if nothing had happened.

Tepić stated that the two types of elections that the opposition is jointly seeking – early parliamentary and Belgrade elections – which the opposition considers a “priority”.

“Everyone (in the opposition) signed (the request for early election) together, submitted it together, so now I guess the government will take us more seriously,” in an interview for the Insajder website, adding the request does not only refer to the early elections but also for them to take place by the year-end the latest.

When asked about setting new electoral conditions, compared to those demanded at Serbia against Violence protests, Tepić said that the demands were not new and that the demands from the protests had not been abandoned.

“The only way to fulfil those demands is to change this government,” Tepić said.

She pointed out that the opposition parties uniting for joint participation in the election is still a matter of discussion. “We try to be very rational and very realistic, motivated by previous experiences,” she added.

To remind, on 11th September, opposition parties, which technically organized Serbia against Violence civil protests, submitted a request to the Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to call for snap parliamentary and Belgrade elections.

(Danas, 14.09.2023)



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