Tepic: “CEO of Telekom Serbia uses company’s money to control media”

Opposition official Marinika Tepic told Nova.rs that a future government will have to arrest senior officials of the current regime if they are proved to have been corrupt.

The deputy leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) said that she has the evidence for the police and prosecution sufficient to arrest and charge top officials.

She said that Telekom Serbia’s new CEO Vladimir Lucic “is the chief censor who came up with the plan to use Telekom money to control the media space in the country”. “(Former Telekom CEO Predrag) Culibrk signed the worst possible false contracts. He executed the campaign drawn up by the man who replaced him,” she said adding that Lucic’s idea was to use public funds to keep Serbia in the dark and maintain the ruling party ratings.

“Culibrk has to be held accountable for the catastrophic contracts with (cable services provider) Kopernikus and the owner of Kurir tabloid daily Igor Zezelj. Now he has been replaced with someone even worse,” she said.

Tepic said that the takeover of the state-controlled Tanjug news agency using Telekom money to pay for the TV channels of the new Tanjug owners as a guarantee for the loan that allowed them to buy the agency.

“This is not just about corruption and the abuse of public money but a sly intention to secure the media darkness in Serbia. They intend to use Telekom channels and a combination of the party and old boy network to secure the media,” she said.

She went on to say that public officials should get double the punishment under the law if proved to be involved in corruption and added that lustration has to be conducted.

“That is very important because someone could be held accountable for crimes and decide to run in elections after serving their sentence,” Tepic added.

(N1, 07.01.2020)




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