Tepić: “Belivuk’s group was part of Vučić’s security detail”

Freedom and Justice Party’s (SSP) Vice-President, Marinika Tepić, reiterated yesterday that members of Veljko Belivuk’s criminal group were part of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s personal security during the opening of the athletics stadium in Novi Pazar in 2017 and its inauguration in the same year.

At a press conference, Tepić again noted that members of Belivuk’s criminal group, who organized protest rallies during the pandemic curfew, were employed at public utility company Higijena in Pančevo.

The day before yesterday, a group of sympathizers of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) attacked Tepić while in front of the party’s headquarters in Pančevo making a statement to journalists about the ruling party’s ties with the criminal group by throwing a live chicken at her.

“Obviously Vučić sent his attackers to Pančevo. Another tragedy in all of this is that opposition politicians can no longer speak in public,” she said.

Referring to the photos as evidence, Tepić also said that during the opening of the athletics stadium in Novi Pazar in 2017, Vučić was guarded by members of Veljko Belivuk’s group, who were recently arrested and suspected of serious crimes.

She added that two members of that criminal group, Vladimir Grek and Filip Jovanovski, were employed for a period of time in public utility company Higijena in December 2020.

“Until six days ago, they (Vučić and Belivuk) were like brothers and now Belivuk is in prison,” Tepić noted.

Then he asked why Vučić he’s keeping silent about the recordings that were recently broadcast on the Pink TV Pink according to which, as she said, it was implied that certain people would be killed.

“How many lives would have been saved if Vučić had not kept silent (…) When Vučić is in danger, then the state does something and deals with the crime, but when we are in danger, then it doesn’t matter,” Tepić said.

She also underlined that Vučić should be part of the investigation because of the said ties and called on the prosecution to detain all people who are accomplices of the Belivuk criminal group, “assistants, security guards, patrons and various sponsors.”

(Naslovi.net, Beta, 10.02.2021)




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